Friday, February 4, 2011

Florally Goodness

I rarely follow fashion trends.
I am a classically black, simple, albeit boring dresser. One of my only fashion 'rules' I guess is
I dont do colour.
Mainly for fear of looking like an 80's aerobics instructor!

Florals have started blooming everywhere- every dress, headband, and pretty little top I pick up have been dipped in honey and dropped in a flower bed (well, not quite...But the imagery is there).
...And at first I was very skeptical.

But...(pun intended here) florals have grown on me!

Babys' florals.

Mummas' florals.

I have been embracing my inner Nanna.

And taken little Stella on the ride with me. Nothing is sweeter than a little girl in a flowing, florally dress.


Not only are wearing Nannas tableclothes every day...
There are also splashes of  petals, pollen and leaves in Stellas nursery.

Now that I have jumped on the bandwagon, I have a floral wishlist that needs attending to. My favourite flower adorned items for Mummy and Baby found on Etsy are:

Happy Floral adorning!

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