Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mammas' Bag of Tricks.

Heading to the park? Pick up handbag, throw in phone. Leave house...

Gone are the days of such simplicity!

Usually when I am heading out with Stella I pack my handbag the night before with everything we may need. It makes getting ready to leave the next day so much less stressful. Especially if we need to do a last minute emergency change of clothes or are running late. Now that she is a little older, I find I need to pack less. Still a whole lot! But definitely less than I did when she was a newborn.

Something that I always feared when I became a Mother is that I would look like a tired, old lady in trackpants with scruffy hair and food stains on an oversized hoody. On my 'days in', this desciption does me justice! But suprisingly I enjoy it. There is something strangely liberating about not showering or washing my hair and just focusing on some pretty hardcore nursery rhymes, block stacking and makeshift airoplane rides.
However... On the days that we venture out or have visitors I like to be 'done' and revert back to looking my age.

So... Instead of a big bulky nappy bag, I refuse to use anything but a normal handbag. I  know there are lots of super pretty, beautifully designed and functional nappy bags around now, But I cannot stand the bulkiness. Thankfully oversized handbags are still 'in'... I think...

Because I don't drive and therefor dont have a car to stash away baby items that might be needed on a trip out, I need to pack all the necessities I can in my handbag and it needs to be light enough to be thrown over my shoulder.

Its like the insane amount of people that are able to cram into a Mini Cooper, it looks deceivingly small, but sure enough twenty odd full grown humans will contort themselves behind a steering wheel, under a seat and in the boot. The amount of stuff I can fit into my my handbag must be seen to be believed, it is a skill.

In the bottomless magic bag:

- My diary. Always. Never leave without it.

- My iPhone case with my iPhone.

- A cheap pair of sunglasses. Cheap is best because they will inevitably get chewed on, spewed on, dropped or lost.

- My extra large purse.

- A pretty notepad to scribble ideas, write shopping lists, hand out my phone number to cute boys etc.

- A pocket mirror. My friend Lydia brought me the one shown with the bird fabric. I love it!

- A fail proof lipgloss that can be put on with one hand whilst juggling a baby and some shopping.

- Pressed powder to cover the slobbery dribble mark from a little ones kiss.

- A bottle or 2.

- Sachets of formula or a plastic container filled with formula from home. I find the sachets so convenient, but if we are going to be out for more than a few hours I like knowing I have more than enough formula with me.

- The Boon squirt dispensing spoon full of either farex, potatoe or banana. The spoon has a clip that stops it from dispensing so is totally handbag safe.

- Stellas favourite 'noiseless' toys. Soft ones too so they can be squished in amongst all the other stuff.

- A water bottle for myself and a sippy cup of water for Stella.

- And lastly, my favourite companion on an outing; The nappy wallet. This one was bought for me by Sophie (One of Stellas godmothers) It rolls out into a change mat and has pockets for nappies (I usually carry 2-3 with me all the time), wipes, a bib and I can sometimes even fit a spare tshirt in there.

And that... is Mammas' Bag of Tricks!


  1. I really am amazed at just how much you fit in your handbag! Perhaps you can teach me in the future ...hehe! You look smokin' in that dress too, suits you! x

  2. Hiya, I found your Blog through Sophie. It's wonderfully refreshing to read another mums account of motherhood, I find myself nodding and agreeing with so many things you say. I take my hat off to you as a single mummy - it can be hard enough with 2 fulltime parents on the job! :)