Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winter Loves' First Giveaway!

....Drumroll please...
The little secret I have been struggling to hold behind my lips can finally be let out!

Winter Love is having a very first *giveaway* to celebrate its' beginnings and thank the followers. Up for grabs is my favourite That Vintage piece that I shared with you earlier in the week, The Feather and Lace Birdcage pendant.

Photograhy by Jesse Hunniford
To enter this giveaway follow these simple steps:
1. Become a follower of Winter Love.
2. Head to the That Vintage Etsy store by clicking here .
3. Comment on this post with a short desciption of why you like 'That Vintage' designs.
4. Make sure that I can contact you via e-mail by leaving your e-mail address with your comment.

The competition will end Monday March 7th at 7:00pm EDST and the lucky winner will be judged based on originality and creativity. Please don't be disheartened if you don't win....As Winter Love grows and develops there may be more celebratory giveaways!

So get commenting and keep reading to see if you are the winner, which will be announced on Tuesday the 8th of March.  Goodluck!


  1. Reasons why i love That Vintage:
    Handmade, precious, bunnies, birdies, deers, lovely smell, stylish, original.
    All those ^ combined = love!

    Krystal xo

  2. I like (love) That Vintage because.....
    Sophie is a freaking super woman!! She is constantly amazing me with her new designs and her attention to detail :)

  3. I love That Vintage because.... her designs are original and the best. I get comments everytime I wear one of her pieces.

  4. I love that vintage because it reminds me of cozy winters spent in front of the fireplace; warm, romantic, relaxed, special. The designs are refreshing and would make any body wearing them feel edgy and stylish :)

  5. "That Vintage" has given me the joy of being able to wear the original art, expressed straight from someone's heart.
    I enjoy watching the story unfold and being apart of the evolution with the pieces I wear.
    Every single time I wear a piece, I get such compliments...its the love going around and around and I LOVE being a part of that love!
    Well done Sophie - thank you!


  6. I love that vintage because:

    They look so raw and real - they dont look like all the plastic jewelery you see in the shops. Its so beautiful, cute and sophisticated at the same time.
    I have never owned any that vintage pieces, but I would Imagine it would go well with any outfit.
    In one word - amazing!


  7. I love vintage because It reminds us of whats past in fashion but also shows us the things we should hold onto from the past :) I think its a classic piece. Its just beautiful.


  8. I love That Vintage's designs as they are so pretty & intricate & i definitely am a huge fan of the bird themed designs- love this piece that ur giving away!
    Katie of Sweet Rustic

  9. I love all Sophie's designs...though I'm am very partial to woodland creatures, the new range is awesome...fabulous shapes.

  10. I love her designs simply because they are so beautiful! I love her use of natural elements in her designs and they are rustic but modern. So lovely. My email is peaceloveandleener (at) yahoo (dot) com. Your blog looks wonderful! Can't wait to search around. :)

  11. New follower! The designs are gorgeous! I love the deer and lace piece. I like how dainty and delicate they are, while being very natural.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  12. Hi there, I'm very fond of That Vintage. In particular I love that each individual item is a miniature masterpiece. They have been individually drawn, etched and all things in between. For me, that finished result has this depth about them that you can appreciate when you wear them.

  13. sorry - email is

  14. I love 'That Vintage' because it is a beautiful creation by a girl my own age who comes from a small city (or town to some), what an inspiration she is to me. The pieces are beautiful and interesting and I lose myself looking at the intricate detail in each piece. When I wear 'That Vintage' I feel empowered to be exactly who I am and like I can do anything I want if I put my mind to it, just like Sophie has!

  15. Whoops email is

  16. I love 'That Vintage' for its originality! Sophie is one super talented lady, who comes from little Tassie, and is putting a big mark on the map with her designs! All her pieces are beautifully detailed and carefully thought out. Just stunning really, and every time I wear my bird brooch, I ALWAYS get asked where I got it from :D (Then I write down the addy to the Etsy store!)
    That Vintage was a little hobby that became a huge success, and I look forward to every collection.

  17. That Vintage showcases locally sourced Myrtle and a special talent of a local young woman who has the creative ability to produce some very unique items. Although they are to be worn as jewelry pieces they would also be fantastic as addition 'pretty's' for your home.
    They are beautifully crafted with alot of thought. Every item is made with pride and passion which I love because item's you buy in the stores aren't made out of love, they are made to make a profit.

    They are a beautiful addition to any woman's jewelry collection.

  18. Like catching a glimpse of blue sky amongst grey clouds, or seeing a sparrow dancing on the branches of an otherwise bare tree, putting on a piece of my That Vintage jewellery instantly lifts my mood and lets me see the world as it is: filled with rare moments of precious beauty, which to me is what That Vintage is all about.

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  20. Well...i beleive that this is the first time i have been introduced to That Vintage.. But the above pendant looks amazing. Very well crafted and very unique! Something I would wear proudly myself. One of those pieces that you would love to tell everyone where you purchased it from!