Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mama in the kitchen.

Today was another cooking day. I much prefer to cook all Stella's food in bulk for the freezer rather than cooking every night. It saves time and stress after a long day when Stella is tired and needs entertaining. I've actually started doing the same with my own food in a bid to eat healthier. I cook up simple beef casseroles and chicken pastas in bulk so I never have an excuse to grab some chocolate for tea.

Todays menu for Stella came from a book I thrifted at the charity party 'Healthy home made food for babies and toddlers'. It looks a little dated; the fashion screams early 90's. But, the recipes are incredibly easy to follow and gave me some inspiration to make something a little different to the usual meat and veg mash. I made bulk batches of cheesy cauliflower, fish creole and a chicken and celery stew. Easy peasy mama-made-it-with-ease-y!

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