Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sweet, sweet friendship

Stella and Evie are beginning to enjoy their playdates more and more each time. They play interactively (I don't care if the books say they can't yet) and show off in front of each other. They copy, they share, they giggle and they chase. The chasing is probably my favourite. Evie crawls behind Stella and Stella crawls at the speed of light whilst giggling to get away from her, looking back every so often to check on her chasers progress.

Its incredible how much their play behaviours have changed. They are a lot more aware of each other and the effect of their actions on one another, this means there is less face poking and hair pulling and more hand holding and shoe touching. They love to pass toys, sharing what their favourites are. But equally as much as they like to take what the other one is holding.

 I look forward to seeing them grow and learn together and experience more and more changes. Ali and I were getting a little nostalgic when we took them back to the play centre where we had our first 'Mama date'. Our babies are now toddlers!

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