Friday, September 2, 2011

The grass is getting greener.

The one and only word to describe my garden lately, would be abysmal. Or given two words; shockingly neglected. With the cold, unpredictable Tasmanian weather playing a large part of this. The other large part would be my reluctance to actually venture into this cold weather and my lack of mad gardening skills.

But with the sneaky teaser of some sun, warmer days and more motivation I have managed to weed, prune, rake, sweep and water until my hearts content.

One significant realisation I have come to after spending a few days each week in my humble little garden is that Stella thrives on being outdoors. If there is one considerable difference between Stella the child and Natalie (myself) the child, it is her love for being outside. I would like nothing more than reading, writing and imagining indoors where as Stella loves nothing more than rummaging, exploring and 'excavating' outdoors.

She had an absolute blast of a time finger painting with mud, touching different flowers and trying to use a broom, unfortunately though it hasn't exhausted her to the point of sleeping in a little later than 5:45am.

Goodbye dreaded Geranium plant!

I will keep you updated on the garden progress as the season begins to change and the weather starts to show improvement. Perhaps I will become one of those elderly garden addicts after all!

Plenty of love...

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  1. I find gardening therapeutic, and Brady, in particular, loves digging with me. I don't like the sore muscles the next day though.