Monday, September 19, 2011

A two minute DIY

I've always envied those with pretty laundries, those who bring their personality and style all the way down to the detail in their laundry baskets. Now that I am a mother I spend more time in my laundry than what I do in my bathroom, incentive enough to pretty it up a little. 

formula tins + fabric stickers = pretty laundry organisation.

I used three old washed formula tins and covered them with these incredibly pretty fabric stickers from Etsy. Then tied some doilies with handwritten labels to the front, so easy it could be done with your eyes closed (ok, maybe one eye closed). The wall decals added an extra touch of pretty, I am now a little happier when stuck in my laundry for hours on end. 

Happy two minute DIY-ing! Be inspired to spend two minutes making something simple that will make you smile, rather than two minutes thinking about what your unattractive to-do list!

...Plenty of love...

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