Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mi' Lili and Me.

With Stella finding her independence more and more each day, I have found myself feeling at times a little under stimulated myself. Sometimes a little restless. I feel as though she needs more child interaction and I feel as though I need more adult interaction. For us, this small step away from each other for 2-3 days extra a week is healthy. 

Now that my sweet Stella is 14 months old, I feel comfortable enough to take another leap from our comfort zone and start working a little more. I recently acquired a new job as a sales assistant at a beautiful clothing and shoe boutique close to home, Mi' Lili. I am thrilled to be working in fashion and the visual merchandising aspect of a fashion boutique excited me! It is a slight change to the dynamics of a bustling shoe store, but I enjoyed every minute of my first shift.

Not only did I love chatting with regular customers and helping young girls with formal dresses, but I also loved snapping up a few bargains of beauty myself. I went home with a bag full of peach, coral, lace and natural toned pieces. I cant wait to keep sharing with you my journey in another casual job, my pretty purchases and my experience with childcare and balance.

If you are local to Launceston, 'like' the Mi' Lili Facebook page and call in to say hi sometime!

...Plenty of love...

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