Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Partying baby style

Stella attended her first party this weekend, her cousin Arden turned 1! We travelled near 200km to get to his party, but it was well worth it. I love having Arden's mother Annalese to talk to, our babies being so close in age is such a gift and has bought with it a wonderful friendship.

Little Arden wore pinstriped pants and a spunky shirt with a tie; an outfit fit for a princes birthday. The children wore party hats and nibbled on rusks and rice cakes. There were balloons and the wiggles songs, fairy bread and cake pops. What a party! Thank you Arden for sharing your first birthday celebrations with Stella and I, we partied hard baby style and just loved it!

Annalese did all the cooking and preparation herself including cake pops and blue and green fairy bread. Aren't the tiny teddies driving cars just adorable?

I have only just realised how behind schedule I am running for Stella's first birthday party. The stress and excitement began last night and I'm sure that's why I had trouble sleeping. The 'Save the dates' have been sent and invitations are in the design process by a talented friend. Still on the list are party hats, party favours, cakes and cupcake designs, food decor (Yes, food the food is getting its own decor!), party games, pom pom making, outfit purchasing, music organising... the list goes on! I have been trawling Etsy at the speed of light whilst biting my fingernails and writing and re-writing lists like mad! I have a vision in my head of how party perfect I want it all to be and just can't relax until I know I've got it right. I really haven't left myself enough time, so the mad rush begins.

I will keep you updated with party finds and ideas that I stumble across in my party crazed haze, wish me luck!

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  1. It was a ripper of a party. Loved the Tiny Teddy cars especially.

    Good luck with all your party preperations. Stella is certainly a little cutie.