Thursday, June 23, 2011

Party Preparation.

Decoration making is in full swing here right now. I have decided on a colour theme I want to go with and have enlisted the help of the creative Miss Lauren. By the time of the party, we will have pom poms coming out of our ears! In between mama dates, baby entertaining and daily household chores (which have been put on the back burner majorly!) I have been folding and fluffing poms. White poms, pink poms, red poms, spotty poms!

The colour theme for Stella's party is going to be red, pink and white with the odd spot of polka dots (see what I did there?)
I adore red. I love it in clothes, I love it in nursery's, I love it on babies. Originally I swore "my baby would never wear any pink", but, she wore and still does wear lots and lots of pink. And, surprisingly I have changed my opinion post baby on the colour pink. Little girls look so sweet in pink. I found that I was mixing pink and red in her nursery and clothes unintentionally quite a lot, and done properly, they don't clash! A few people have commented on my colour choice for the party with raised eyebrows, but I am determined to show you what an amazing couple pink and red can make!

Tonight I finished off party hats and food toppers. Still on the list to go is a million more pom poms (in my perfect party vision the entire ceiling is covered in poms, unrealistic? Yes, beautiful? YES) food planning and game and music organising.
I need your advice in that department...what kind of music do you have at a 1 year olds birthday party? Stella doesn't have a favourite television show or children's group (she isn't overly interested in TV yet) and I'm thinking that nursery rhymes on repeat for three hours may drive the parents batty. She does like grooving to a bit of Gaga, but is that appropriate? Help!

I am so excited to get more and more of the fine details organised and happening! I feel much less stressed albeit much more crazed.

Only 17 days to go!


  1. These photos look great! And I love that colour combo - I think it works a treat - I'm super excited for the party xox

  2. I was the same way about pink! I was very much against it, but now that my daughter is here, I dress her in pink often. (It doesn't help that people keep asking "What is HIS name?")

    Also, check out There are some pretty cool songs on there that you may like for the party. It is all rock music turned into lullaby format. We have a few of the cds. I think we love them more than our baby does!

  3. i experienced been pretty a great deal versus it, but now that my daughter is here, I gown her in pink often.

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