Sunday, June 19, 2011

1st Birthday Party preparation.

You can feel the excitement brewing in the air around this house...nervous excitement, planning, lists, ideas and a little stress. I have always got overly excited for birthdays and in the last few years have really enjoyed day dreams of party planning. I love pondering themes, colour schemes and making virtual scrapbooks of ideas. Now my chance has come to plan, prepare and execute the most important party ever...Stella's first birthday party! Yes, I am going completely over the top. Yes, I have unrealistic expectations. Yes, I spent $80 on colour co-ordinated paper plates and napkins. Yes, I am losing sleep over the anticipation. Yes, I need help. Someone save me now!

I will do my best to calm my nerves and tone down my party crazy haze so that I can bring you posts of my favourite party finds, the party planning process and preparation leading to the day!

20 days to go!

Here are some of my favourite party food decor finds from Etsy. Most of these are printable orders, I am using them for inspiration and trying to make as much as I can of my own, in the colour scheme I have envisioned.

1. 'Peace, love and party' by Paper and Cake

2. 'Butterfly printable cupcake toppers' by Blissful Nest

3, 4 & 5. 'Retro cherry' printable full party'Sunshine' birthday party and 'Vintage Circus' party by Love the Day

Of course, my food table is not going to look anywhere near as gorgeous as these, I am on a budget, short on time and...well, a single parent. Planning and preparing a party with a baby following at my heels is proving difficult. But, I can dream and try! Stay tuned to see my table ideas unfold, or not unfold.

Plenty of love...


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  1. Such a lovely kid!! I am in love with his smile. You did stunning job on his first birthday. Well, my home is quite small so I would like to hire one of the reasonably priced venues in Atlanta for my daughter’s birthday party. I hope that I’ll get an affordable venue soon!