Thursday, June 9, 2011

Goodbye Autumn. Welcome, Winter.

Last week marked the last day of Autumn and the first day of Winter here in Australia. There is no hiding the fact that I love winter. As I sit here writing today, the rain is pouring down. It is dark, cold and cloudy.

I've never understood why some despise my favourite season, I find it so inspiring. I would prefer to walk outside in winter, scarf around my neck and breath icy on the wind. I love winter fashion; hats, gloves, layers and boots. I love that in winter I can embrace how naturally pale I am. I love that my first baby was born in winter. I love that her middle name is Winter. Put simply...I Love winter. 

This winter I have a few small aspirations...

* I want to read to Stella more often, she sits so still and listens while I read to her. I want to share with her all the incredible stories I read during my childhood and spark her imagination with fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Children are never too young to enjoy the magic of reading, whether they understand the story or not, its fantastic communication and bonding time.

* I want to breathe in the cold air with appreciation. Walking in winter is like a detox for your mind.

* I want to write more, with more. More honesty, more frequency, more creativity.

* I want to dream of what the future holds and take small, tentative steps to making reality resemble those dreams. Be it career, children or relationships. One of my favourite quotes I use to kick myself  when I need it is "Don't dream it, do it".

* And lastly, I want to give more of myself to others. Pour more of my time and focus into Stella and close friendships than housework and negative social media.

Do you have any aspirations, how ever small or large, for this winter?  Happy rain, fog and darkness. Happy winter!

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