Friday, June 3, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

...It's off to Melbourne I go!

It's currently 4am. I am headed to Melbourne with my Dad and my newly acquired step mother (Not the evil type, she's lovely), a huge carry on handbag full of clothes and weary eyes.

This is the longest that I have ever been apart from my sweet Stella, leaving her was a nauseous experience, and of course...I cried. Although I am dying for the holiday and seriously looking forward to the things we will be doing (which I will post about as soon as I can on my return), leaving her is still difficult. I must keep myself as busy and distracted as possible to stop letting it get to me overly. I know she will be safe, warm and happy. But oh my gosh am I going to miss her.

I apologise in advance for my lack of posts over the next few days, but come next week I will have many an exciting post to share! Enjoy your weekend.
...Plenty of love...

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