Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mama goes on holiday Part III

The last day of my mini holiday with my Dad and Step-Mother involved plenty more walking, sightseeing and takeaway coffees.

We shopped at the Spencer Street direct factory outlet and then walked along Southbank, Melbournes main entertainment precinct alongside the Yarra River. We stopped to watch a street performer and I was hauled up to be a volunteer extra, throwing knives and unlit fire batons to a young bare chested boy (I wasn't complaining). From here we walked to the National Gallery of Victoria. As some of you may already know, my Dad is an artist, and this was one of the things he was most looking forward to seeing.

As we were admiring the paintings, I found that I was continually drawn to those depicting mothers and families. Motherhood was captured so naturally and beautifully in some of the 17th and 18th century European paintings. Children were so elaborately dressed or naked, their faces full, chubby and bright. And in most of them, physical contact between mother and child was always present.

Looking at these wonderfully painted, intricate pieces made me dream of what family life would have been like and what family life means today. Affection was so openly expressed and accepted, mothers would often stay home raising and growing their family. Family was highly valued.

These are some poor quality iPhone shots of my most favourite paintings. There was something about these paintings of mothers and children that spoke to me. Parenting is such a natural and beautiful part of life and those moments of wonder, mayhem and bonding are captured so well on canvas.

 After a perfect afternoon daydreaming and gazing at the art gallery, we finally made our way to the airport, and home. Back to small, humble, icy cold Tasmania. I indulged in krispy kreme donuts and a glass of red wine, then crashed into bed. I was so looking forward to seeing Stella the next day and hearing how her and her Dad got on during the days I was away.

Turns out, they had a ball. It was a healthy break for all three of us. For me to re-focus and breathe, for Stella to explore new environments and for her Dad to be thrown in the deep end (so to speak) and experience a greater sense of responsibility and uninterrupted time with his daughter.

This weekend, I am taking a holiday to recover from the holiday, Stella and I are going to stay with my Dad and attend her cousins first birthday party! More family time, more laughs and more fun. How has your week been? Have you ever taken a holiday with or without your baby?
Plenty of love...


  1. My parents took our 2 children and my brothers 3 children for the weekend to the Gold Coast when Mackenzie was still in nappies. So he would have been just 12 months and Madison 6 years. It was our first time without Mackenzie. We were beside ourselves. Not only were we worried about Mum & Dad looking after the 5 kids all together - Michael & I had no idea what to do with our weekend! Because it was sprung on us last minute we were without plans. We managed, but Mum & Dad managed to lose Mackenzie on the beach!!! They panicked and all looked for him desperately only to find him near a POOL in one of the big unit blocks (he was fascinated with water). You can imagine how we were not at all happy finding out about his escapade!! Needless to say they didn't go away again with my parents too soon.

  2. how lovely you had a mini holiday, even when the kidlets aren't babies I find it still hard to go away without them I have only ever done it a couple of times but still find it hard. Last June I had a few days in Melb with my bestie from Perth, we had 3 nights at the Hilton and it was wonderful but I was really ready to get home to my girls who are now 12 and 18, but we really need it for the soul I think. Your blog is lovely and your dad's art is AMAZING