Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh, sweet child of mine.

Sweet, sweet Stella,

Yesterday you were 11 months old. Before you were born I dreamt about how I'd feel about you. I would write letters to you, think about holding you and try my hardest to imagine what I would feel. It was hard to imagine the kind of love I would hold for you. Every mother talked about it, calling it indescribable. And that it is; indescribable.

I look at you and just crumble with love. Protective love, proud love, unconditional love. I know that when our days are so busy and bustling, I forget to really appreciate life and what I have. But, when we have a quiet moment and I look into your eyes I am reminded. Reminded about what is really important, reminded of who I am and what I have.

Being your mother is the most challenging, fulfilling, and wonderful thing I have ever done and will ever do. Our family, whether it grows or stays small, will always be the utmost important thing to me.

I love you, I love us. 


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