Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mama goes on holiday Part I

My first holiday away since becoming a Mother was packed to the brim. I need a holiday to recover from the holiday! Now that I am home I desperately need to catch up on housework, cuddles with Stella and some shut eye. I am feeling a little run-down and behind on day to day Mama chores. I will post parts II and III of  'Mama goes on holiday' as soon as I work my way through this housework and these errands that continue to play on my mind.   

...This is part one...

First stop after a very early morning arrival to the Melbourne airport was a big breakfast, followed by a cheap walk in massage (Which I later came to regret). After this came shopping, browsing, shopping and browsing. More shopping and a trip to the Aquarium. I fell in love with a dozen penguins and they asked me to take them home. Sadly, they were too large for my handbag and the Chinese massage had left my back rather tender, so there was no chance of smuggling adorable penguins out of the Aquarium.

From there we climbed 88 floors in 40 seconds. Spider man style! Not really. We did however, take the lift in the Eureka Skydeck building. The view was breathtaking, scary and intriguing all in one. Although, I was relieved to be back down to sea level. It almost felt as though the building would sway in the wind if it were to blow!

Once we returned to the ground we did more shopping, more browsing and plenty more walking. We checked in to the hotel, drank a fast cup of tea and then headed out for more shopping and browsing. It may sound excessive, but Tasmania really lacks great shopping experiences. Once we're in a city with direct factory outlets and brand name boutiques we take on a crazed 'must shop now' mentality.

After finally satisfying the consumer bug within, I crashed very quickly with a sore back in tow. Note to self- Do not get a cheap massage whilst holidaying. I missed Stella a lot by this stage. I know it wasn't any longer than I had already left her for before, but the distance gave me anxious thoughts. Every baby and child that I saw that day reminded me of her. As I went to sleep, the image of her sleeping on her tummy with her bottom in the air and her legs tucked underneath crept into my mind and gave me some comfort. I know she loves spending time with her Dad, they will both be loving this opportunity.

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