Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Crafts; Part 3.

The third and final Easter Crafts installment features two very easy ideas for stunning Easter lunch table centrepieces. No fluff or pastels required!

Easter table
easy cenrepieces

Nothing symbolises Easter more recognisably than an egg, and they are something we use many times a week. So why not recycle your egg shells and put them to pretty work! For this centrepiece I washed eggshells well, let to dry and then painted with a coat of white acrylic paint. Spray painting them would also work quite well and in hindsight, would be a great time saver! I then painted an old egg carton in colours complementing the theme and placed the egg shells inside. Fill with a little water, pop in a bloom from your garden, and there you have it! A simple, pretty, cheap and egg-ceptional centrepiece!
egg shell display
Degg shell display

The most commonly used centrepiece on a table is often a vase of flowers, so this Easter I decided to mix it up a little and have vases guessed it...eggs! I purchased these styrofoam eggs from spotlight, painted in different tones matching the colour theme and pierced with a skewer. A 5 minute way to create a different and effective decorative piece for your Easter lunch table or your kitchen bench.

*Handy Hint* - You don't need to have an extensive collection of vases to create a pretty display. Simply wrap a doily or piece of fabric around a suitable sized glass or plastic cup!
egg bouquet
egg bouquet

I can't wait to create another Easter display next year, I think I am even anticipating it more than the chocolate! How did you decorate this Easter? Did you craft a lot or a little?
Plenty of love,
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  1. So lovely and creative! You really are clever! xxxx