Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why, you ask?

Quite often I get asked, "Why do you blog?"

Many people seem to think that an online diary or blog is merely a waste of time and shows an excessive lack of privacy, equally as much I have found that people view bloggers as fake, and in turn are often accused of creating a perfect online persona not corresponding with the 'real world'. Of course this isn't every ones view, and it certainly isn't the most common view. But it is a view all the same.

When someone is curious as to why I put so much time and energy into writing and maintaining my blog, I can find myself stumbling for the right words, unable to justify why it is that I do what I do. I often walk away feeling slightly deflated that I couldn't put into words the passion I hold for writing, and why this passion doesn't differ greatly from the passion an author, magazine editor or poet holds. I guess that is the answer in itself.

Why do I blog? Because I have a passion for writing. I may not be writing for money, or for a very wide audience, I may not have a degree or qualification, but I love writing all the same. I love expressing my feelings and emotions (especially as a mother) in words. Writing for me is cathartic, healing and joyful. And writing as a mother, is all of that and more. Which brings me to this phenomenon that is mama bloggers.

Why do mothers blog?

Parenting is a beautiful, charming, sometimes horrid challenge. It doesn't come easily and doesn't always come pleasantly, with parenting and motherhood often comes isolation, guilt and fear. It is sometimes believed that all women hold some kind of maternal instinct that not only enables them to care for their children effortlessly, but to navigate the world that is motherhood with ease and confidence. I think that perhaps it gets forgotten that a mother is born when her child is born, we are expected to fall into this new found job position without training or probation periods and to succeed without help.

That's where the world of blogging has helped me most. I stepped into this great unknown called Motherhood and found that there were others out there going through the exact same problems as me, facing the exact same challenges. Reading blogs enabled me to seek comfort and empathy during difficult times as well as motivation and inspiration. Writing a parenting blog, has opened me up to an incredibly large community of  online Mothers and bought this support network right to my fingertips. Over the course of a year, I have formed some great friendships with mamas from the other side of the world, shared laughs, tears and triumphs with those who are stumbling along the path I'm also trying to navigate.

I believe mama's blog for support and inspiration. Mama bloggers are one large and powerful community and one that I am so proud to be a part of.

So... why, you ask? Why do I blog? I can now tell you in one sentence, in fact I can tell you in just  three words; Passion, Support and Inspiration.

Tell me, Why do you blog?
Plenty of love,
winterlove blog natalie


  1. I'm not a mum blogger, but you've hit the nail on the head with the notion of community. To me that's what it's about. Whatever your interest or passion, there's an online community to learn from and share with. I also like the idea of collating things that inspire me and doing that in a pretty way to look back on later. That's why I blog!

  2. Love, love, love!
    It took my mum reading and encouraging my blog to make me feel less embarrassed to tell others about it. I'm glad I do now =)