Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nurture Lust.

I've never had an urge to travel, or an underlying desire to explore beyond my own country. I mean, sure I'd love to visit quite a few places on my wish-list one day. But not in the way that some people yearn for. I'm quite happy waiting for retirement or when that rare chance 'just arises'. This always gave me plenty of controversy during the later years of highschool and college. I had older relatives telling me to travel and 'experience the world' and God forbid you have children before you've done so. I guess many of them were still trying to live their own regrets and desires through the younger generation, whatever the reason... I found it rude and offensive.

My only desire and goal once finishing school was to become a self-sufficient, happy and content individual. I was happy to work or study and give of myself what I could to society. Gleaming in my eye was the dream and desire to one day have a family, to raise the next generation, to nurture, love and care for children. So they can nurture love and care for their children and so on. I never felt that creating a family and living comfortably was a lesser way to live, and although I had many young friends travelling around the globe whilst I was pregnant with my first child at 19, I have never felt anything but satisfied. Truly happy and satisfied. Parenting isn't always fun, oh man...sometimes not only is it incredibly challenging but it is also incredibly boring. But, this is the path I chose and the one I walk with my head held high. This is the path that brings me satisfaction and warmth. Call it Nurture Lust rather than Wander Lust.

In saying that, there is nothing I enjoy more than adventuring my own town with my family. I want my children to experience the beauties that I have growing up in this country. Living in a small town, one of the most commonly used phrases in teens and adults alike is "There is nothing to do here". I think all too often we take our own hometown for granted. It isn't always necessary to travel far to find an incredibly beautiful river or taste some divine food, just look outside the local shopping mall. There is plenty to do here.

Last weekend, Nick and I ventured to the North Coast of our state and stopped at everything that caught our eye on the way. The first stop? The Christmas Hills Raspberry farm for some fresh, homegrown raspberry goodness. The second stop? Ashgrove cheese farm. In Tasmania we are home to some seriously good produce. Tasmanian made cheese, wine, honey and tea are amongst my favourites, I could live off Ashgrove cheese and sip 'The art of Tea' for ever and a day. Our third stop was to visit a baby store renowned for it's good service, Stork Talk. We had our eye on a few items that weren't stocked in our own town, the lady who served us was beyond helpful and absolutely welcoming. I think she helped me considerably in my convincing of Nick to buy big ticket items from the store rather than eBay!

It was such an enjoyable day, and one that didn't cost us a plane ticket or boat ride. We tasted great local food, received incredible service and saw many a wonderful sight. If you seek, you shall find! Do you enjoy travelling within your own state? Are you from a small town like mine, where the 'nothing to do' phrase gets pulled a little too often?

You don't need Wander Lust to be fulfilling your adventuring desires or to feel satisfied. I have Nurture Lust, and nurturing my family in the town I call home and all it's beauty is one truly satisfying experience.
Plenty of love, 
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