Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Sneaky Thankyou - by Mr K

It's not often that I get to sit down on the couch by myself and have a quiet minute and sip on a cup of tea. However, tonight is one of those nights!

It's also not often, that as Nat's partner I get the opportunity to sneakily gain access to her blog to write a post that is long past its due date, unbeknown to the sleeping beauty she is in the warmth of our bed. 

There are many words and many hours I could countlessly spend sharing the experience of our pregnancy from my perspective.

This post however, is all about my beautiful partner, Nat, and the amazing person I have been blessed to share a life, a relationship, and most luckily, a pregnancy with over the last 25 weeks. 

To my dear Nat,

From the beginning you have constantly proven me of the amazing person you are, and given me the confidence that you are most certainly the person who I could ever wish to create and raise a child, or children with.

I have watched in utmost admiration at your strength, commitment, maturity and determination as you have continued to maintain a flawless balance between being a mother to Stella, a partner, the perfect housewife as I go to work or play, and most importantly, the carrier of our unborn daughter. 

I am extremely proud and inspired by the way you conduct yourself in every aspect each and every day, and feel privileged to call you my partner and share life by your side. 

For all of us, I have found that physically and emotionally being pregnant isn't easy. I have learnt that although one of the most rewarding things a person can ever do, is also the most difficult. 

I admit at times, that I struggle to keep up and be the partner you need or desire, and regret the smallest mistakes when I don't fulfil my duties as a paternal Dad to be!

I wish sometimes that I was able to carry our daughter for a while and give you the much needed rest and recuperation, however will continue to learn so I can love and nurture you. You deserve only the best.

I will be forever grateful for these 9 months of our lives, and will continue to admire you and respect and appreciate what you have, and are continuing to endure.

I can't wait to meet the daughter you are taking such care and patience with, and know that she is going to be just as beautiful as you are.

Natalie, you are my inspiration and the love of my life.

Forever yours,

                      Mr K xxx


  1. Oh I die! <3 Lovely! x

  2. awww that is so sweet :)

  3. OMG How cute is he!! Hang on to this one Natalie, there isn't too many men out there who could, or would, bare his soul so eloquently!!

  4. wow words fail me, that is the lovliest thing xxx