Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Crafts; Part 2

pinwheel diy
pretty pinwheels
Pinwheels are a cinch to make, and can dress up any table display effortlessly. You can place them on top of cakes, put them in vases with flowers or use them as a backdrop display.

Here's how I made my pinwheels (Which I added to vases of eggs)

1. You'll need a piece of paper or card that's length is three times its width, for example, I used a strip of card that was 7.5cms wide and 22.5cms long to make a small 7.5cm diameter pinwheel.

2. Fold your card in 2cm increments like a fan and secure in the middle with a piece of wire, staple or string.

3. 'Open' your pinwheel so that each side meets and glue with a hot glue gun, glue in a bamboo skewer to one of the pinwheels folds from the back.

And that is it! You could add a sweet button or embellishment to the front of your pinwheel or even layer larger sized ones on top of each other.

DIY pinwheels

Being very stuck for time, this busy mama just made the simplest and quickest version of a pinwheel in one block colour. You can however, use lots of alternative colours, shapes and sizes, I especially like these ones! When time permits, I want to make millions and millions of pretty pinwheels in all beautiful colours.

Happy Pinwheel crafting!
Plenty of love,
winterlove blog natalie

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