Thursday, May 3, 2012

Heartfelt touches

handmade gift giving

"To give handmade whenever possible..." Has been a mantra I am trying to live by lately. Not exactly a chore as I love crafting and creating, and even better when you can craft and create for someone you love! A handmade gift, or even little handmade gift wrapping touches to a bought present personalises the experience tenfold.

My latest gift giving venture was for a dear friend of mine turning 21. I baked her cupcakes and cookies and adorned them with handmade paper buntings. Her present? A store bought book on photography to fuel her passion for the camera, which I wrapped and decorated with homemade salt dough ornaments!

Small details giving big heartfelt touches.

handmade gift giving
handmade gift giving
handmade gift giving
I can't wait to share a salt dough DIY with you very shortly, little Stella and I have been busy rolling and cutting shapes to be baked for the past fortnight, it has become quite the addiction!

Have you given anything handmade recently? Perhaps received a sweet gift yourself? Here's to spreading the handmade love!
Plenty of love,
winterlove blog natalie

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  1. That bunting is precious! As are those little buttons. You're very clever indeed :)
    You inspired me with the wrapping of my bestie's bridal shower gift - brown paper, twine, and a paper doile as a gift tag.