Saturday, May 26, 2012

3 simple goals a day

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I am the queen of lists, I even have lists of my lists. Call it an obsession but keeping them makes me feel organised and motivated, and I'd be pretty darn lost without them! Lately, with the exhaustion of pregnancy and raising a toddler I've found that my extensive to-do lists rarely gets looked it. Instead of things being ticked off...there are constantly things being added. Sometimes looking at my list induces more stress than it is worth!

So, I have since decided that rather than going into a slightly mad-mama frenzy everytime I glance at my lists, I would instead create smaller and more friendly ones. Goals and to-do's that are more achievable, less daunting and simple...It's called my '3 simple goals a day' project.

Each night before falling asleep, I'll think about three enjoyable things I can do to make my day feel more productive. Sometimes they are important, other times they are purely things I want to do but wont if I don't make a conscious decision to 'get around to it'. To add a little more fun (and because, lets face it an iPhone is more efficient than a piece of paper) I've prettied them up using a new app and been posting them to my Instagram.

3 simple goals a day
3 simple goals a day
The results so far? Success! Knowing that I have those three little things to do that will improve my mood, my parenting or my productivity is a huge booster for days when motivation is seriously lacking.

I recently read a saying; "Every day may not be good, but there is some good in every day". My 3 simple goals a day project aims for just put some good in every day.

If you are lacking motivation and drive and your to-do's are piling up around you, why not join me and create your own 3 simple goals a day project? Perhaps post them to Instagram or tweet them for extra determination, I'd love to see what simple things you come up with in an effort to maximise happiness in your days!

If you are interested in joining me, I have created a button for you to link up with. Grab the code and use the image to complement your own 3 simple goals a day post. Don't forget to tag me if you share them via Instagram (@natalie_winterlove) or Twitter (@winterlove_nat) so I can follow your journey along the way!

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I can't wait to see what simple goals you come up with!
Plenty of love,
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