Monday, May 28, 2012

Sweet Child Of Ours

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Sweet child,

I have an idea in my head and a feeling in my heart about who you are.

 I can picture you asleep and imagine your soft voice. You are delicate and quiet; a humble and honest little girl. You seem shy and reserved although not afraid to stand up for what you believe. You are content with the small things and see beauty in the mundane. Your eyes always speak louder than your voice.

Of course, these predictions may be completely wrong. You may be as equally confident  and adventurous as your older sister...But I have a feeling in my heart of  how you might be.

Not long now until you enter this world; we have been waiting for you. Your blankets are folded and your bed is made. Our arms are waiting to hold you close, our hands are ready to stroke your sweet head.

Love surrounds you whilst you continue to grow inside, We can't wait to meet you... 
our sweet little child.

Description of Photo

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