Thursday, May 10, 2012

Around these parts...


It feels like an eternity since I last posted about life. Just life. The things we've been up to, how our days have been shaped. To be completely honest, since I last posted about my "Momentary Lapse" I have still been feeling a little flat and a little blue. The pre-baby blues? It seems to be pretty common amongst expecting mamas-to-be. I'm hoping it'll pass in time.

So what has been going on around these parts? Well, plenty and not so plenty all at the same time.

My nesting instinct has kicked in and at an extreme level, I have re-vamped our bedroom and Stella's bedroom, re-decorated the loungeroom and re-arranged the playroom. I am also baking quite a lot here and there, slowly getting our freezer full of 'heat and eat' meals for when baby arrives. A new post update of our pregnancy so far is in the works, something that I tell myself  I'll sit down and write nearly every night. Maybe tonight? Yes, I WILL do it tonight. (maybe)

Whilst the man in our lives has been busy at work, Stella and I have been a little restricted by the wet and dreary weather. Usually, I adore this weather. It is my ultimate favourite season and I love nothing more than a dark sky. Not just for hibernating either...when the weather takes a turn like this I feel a strange sense of excitement. I want to be rugged up and out shopping or sipping hot Chai in a park. However, with a toddler...this weather is unfortunately not ideal. There are runny noses and muddy parks to take into consideration. Stella still begs me to go outside everyday, and we make many, many little trips to our grassed courtyard, the clothesline and the letterbox. I can tell it isn't satisfying her yearning though. Perhaps that will be my goal for the coming weeks, to tackle as many outdoor adventures as possible when the weather is less dark and moody. Dragging around this big, heavy body especially with poor iron levels and dizzy spells really doesn't do much for my motivation for such adventures sadly.

Our indoor activities have included plenty of play dough rolling, dolly role playing and drawing. I recently picked up a tin of chalkboard paint... and have developed a very strong urge to paint every surface in the stuff. I have made Stella two chalkboards so far, one hung on the playroom wall at perfect scribbling height, and another just big enough for writing a word. My intention was to write a new inspirational word for the day on this little chalkboard every morning, or maybe even help Stella in beginning to recognise her name and some simple words. However, the word 'Tuesday' has been written on it for well over a fortnight now...that's life for you...busy and full of wonderful intentions.


Coming up this weekend, I am looking forward to our maternity photo shoot, something we have had booked and planned for quite some time. I have our outfits ironed and ready and even got a spray tan in an effort to feel more vibrant. What a wonderful way to celebrate Mothers Day, with some snapshots of my dear little growing family.

In the coming weeks, I hope to bring you the many posts that are on my to-do list. A DIY of the mobile I made for baby, some 'baked with love' posts, more links of late, the exciting big baby purchase we made and my re-decorating efforts.

What have you been up to lately? Has life been busy and full of wonderful intentions? Link me up with your happenings of late so I can return the love of the blogosphere. Remember, you can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram (username natalie_winterlove) and Twitter if all is a little quiet on the blog front.

Plenty of love, 
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