Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Wishlist

baby gear wishlist
Lately, there has been far too much on this wish-list. It is becoming out of control! Here are my favourites to share with you for the week...

Peter Alexander onesie. These are PJ's worth leaving on all day, and even worthy of a trip to the supermarket. Stella would look like such a cheeky cheetah in these. Perhaps it needs to be part of her second birthday gift collection!
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Dreaming of the Theatre scales duvet cover by Love Mae.
Love Mae make the most beautiful wall stickers and whimsical gear for children, the newest product from Mae is the most beautiful and whimsical of all. Bedding with scales? In a colour palette of slate, floral and blush? Yes please. I am in love with This  bedding
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The Flexi Bath. With nearly a whole half hour per day being spent in the bath, bathing babes certainly takes up a large chunk of our lives. But the bath needn't. Bathing a newborn is made much easier when you can do it on a kitchen bench or a low table. This innovative little beauty can not only be put on any surface (that is safe of course) but can also be folded away for easy storage. Anything that makes a parents life easier receives a big fat tick!

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The Coocoi newborn gown by Merino Kids. I have been on the lookout for an outfit to add to our hospital bag for the baby. I have an abundance of all in one suits in shades of pink and white ($8 from Target, bargain!) But have yet to get something special. I'd really like one nice but comfy and cosy alternative to a terrytowling suit for those first few days of sleepy, feeding goodness. This one is my favourite so far.

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Pikapu Modern Cloth Nappy. We have begun our collection of MCN's (cue applause for such a brave move!) and the Pikapu brand are the first to grace the changetable. I am hoping to collect quite a few more of these in red, grey and white.

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Beep Beep Elm Bib. I love trees, trees on anything and anywhere. So of course, our new baby is no exception.  This pretty bib is screen printed in Australia, and gender neutral. You could pretty up babys dinner time, anytime!
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Are there any baby items you are currently lusting over? Perhaps a new furniture find that has got you all excited? I have plenty more goodies I am lusting over to share with you very shortly. The list just grows and grows and grows and grows and grows.
Plenty of love,
winterlove blog natalie


  1. Love that duvet cover Natalie! Just beautiful. I've got 3 little lovlies already, but if I were to have another bub, I'd have to grab me some gorgeous newborn merino sockings from my store www.applecartkids.com.au And no, this is not a promotional ... I'm just addicated to these gorgeous little things!! :-) My absolutely fave in the newborn (00) size is 'Candy Floss' - soooo delicious!
    Other than that, totally love the Cocooi as well and all the beautiful retro kids prints around too. My little girl has a tree decal on her wall with a little owl, wood pecker etc. I LOVE it!
    Look forward to seeing your other gorgeous gooides on your blog soon xo
    Bianca X

  2. I love the duvet cover by Love Mae I would not so secretly want one for myself! I have some of their fabric wall stickers and they are fantastic!