Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Wishlist

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Another week, another batch of baby goodies I have stumbled across! Here is what's topping the wishlist for the week...Enjoy!

* The Ubabub Pod *
Another highly innovative and modern cot, the Ubabub oozes awesome. I love the rounded cocoon shape and clear acrylic sides, making gazing at your sleeping babe even more enjoyable! Maybe if there is ever (key word being ever!) a baby #3, I would be lucky enough to indulge in this stunning design.

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* Blouse and Pinafore by Vintage Made. *
Nothing screams sweet more than red and strawberries. This darling little blouse is sweeter than the real thing with teeny tiny printed berries and ruffled sleeves. Considering my love for the colour red on baby girls, I have deemed this beautiful little outfit totally necessary! And to add to the sweetness? It's handmade!

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* Stokke Bounce 'n' Sleep *
Remember the times you tried to jump in the shower at the speed of light while your newborn was napping in the bassinet? The baby monitor sat on the bathroom sink and you jerked your shampoo lathered head out at the sound of a pin dropping? Well, those days are long gone. One of my favourite baby designers Stokke have bought out a new product; a combination of a bouncer and a daybed. Meaning you can transfer your sleeping baby from room to room while you tidy and organise or easily transition a playing and alert babe for restful, peaceful sleep. Stokke have done it again!
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* Calamity Bolt Hobby Horse *
As a child I always wanted a pretty hobby horse and have taken my yearning further by searching for the perfect one for Stella and her baby sister to play with as they grow. Sadly, at markets I was unable to find anything that pleased the eye. And then I stumbled across This. These hobby horses are so feminine and soft and each design is one of a kind. They would look adorable in the corner of any little girls bedroom and would be sure to bring a smile to any childs day!

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* Doodle Highchair by Silver Cross *
I am so sad to see that this product is now an end of line highchair. I am always a fan of convertible and re-usable baby products and this highchair is no exception. It changes from a feeding to chair to a table with a tray- perfect for doodling at with pretty coloured pencils. The hidden basket is a wonder design for toddlers who love to hide bits and pieces!

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* The Three BFF Gnomes *
These little guys by Little Odd Forest are adorable. Handmade plushes that act as magical cushions for a little ones chair. I love the woodland touch these would provide to a nursery or playroom, I would imagine they'd even be invited to a play tea party or two! Best friends forever and totally cute for longer!

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