Friday, June 1, 2012

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This weeks smile inducers...

* An article I totally adore of late, is this one. "Those days don't define you" by The Hippie Housewife. She talks of having bad days, both as a parent and personally and how important forgiving yourself is. Yesterdays failures do not define our lives. I have bookmarked this inspirational read for one of those bad days, you should definitely have a read will make you smile.

* I recently discovered this new blogging mama through Kaelah Bee, the wonder woman who created my blog redesign. It's wonderful to find other young blogging mamas from my very own country!
* Wanna make any garment in your wardrobe nursing friendly? Katie from Desert Gypsie shows you how to make any hot mama outfit... milk-maker friendly!

* What are your views on 'time out'? This post gives interesting insight as to why time out may not be as effective as previously thought.

* Is there anything cuter than baby leg-warmers? Baby legs in baby leg warmers perhaps! This Tasmanian owned website has a super huge range of sock-ings, legwarmers and tights. Get your fix of chubby leg warming goodness at Applecart Kids!

* Do you have a strong willed, energetic and stubborn toddler? (I most certainly do) This post may be helpful to you. I love the way it highlights the importance of talking to your toddler, of explaining rather than demanding and of creating choices to rid the notion of a power struggle.  

* Oh! New babies excite me so! Welcome to the world little Michelangelo, Thankyou Karina for sharing your birth story and such sweet photos of your little man. 

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  1. I just found this! Aw, thank you. I love finding aussie bloggers amongst all the others :)

    X jenn.