Thursday, June 7, 2012

Proudly bought to you by...

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This post is proudly bought to you by pregnancy insomnia.

You know the feeling? The 'oh-my-gosh-I-am-so-tired-but-I-just-cannot-sleep' type? It has been visiting me a lot lately, especially between 2am and 4am. Tonight's coping mechanism for such insomnia has been the ever so faithful Pinterest and a bag of BBQ chips. The saddest part of it all? I don't even like BBQ chips, but more obviously so it appears that my body doesn't like sleep. I am certain that this is mother natures way of 'preparing' me both physically and mentally for the demands of a newborn for she is so active in these still hours of the morning.

3:30am, it looks like you and I are going to be well acquainted. But that's ok, I like the stillness. There's something about the hours between midnight and sunrise that is strangely relaxing and's the time I feel most centred, most connected and most creative. Just don't ask me to repeat that sentence before lunchtime the next day.

The two hours I did manage to sneak in some sleep tonight, I was stuck in a frustrating dream of sending and replying to e-mails. My fingers wouldn't type fast enough on my iPhone and my eyes couldn't focus on the words I was trying to send, I was stuck in a slow-motion whirl of technology and impatience. If that isn't a sign that a switch-off is needed, then I don't know what is!

Maybe that is the answer to channeling this 4am sense of calm and collectedness at all times of the day; to switch off the white noise, remove the notifications and timelines and just be; at least for a small part of the day.

Do you have regular switch-off times? Times when you just turn everything off so you are able to tune in?

Tomorrow if I am even slightly functional, I am going to schedule in some 'switch off' time in my life. Ironically, I will probably use my beloved modern technology to create a plan, but a plan there will be indeed!

Plenty of love, 
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