Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our Journey; Post 6

Our Journey
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We have now entered the stage known as 'The Struggle'. Every morning, I struggle to get out of bed. Everyday, I struggle to keep up with Stella and everynight, I struggle to move from the couch and do anything creative.

These last 5 weeks ideally is the time to really just breathe and relax. My body is in agreeance, but my brain? Well, it has other ideas. I have an abundance of creative thoughts flowing at the moment, and can't seem to quieten the little voice of inspiration in my head. I have yearnings to make, write and dream stronger than ever before; perhaps my pregnancy hormones are to thank? Despite the intensity of which the creative side of my brain is working, my body is pushed to the limit. I lay achingly on the couch while dreaming of all the things I could, would and want to be doing.

The last fortnight, I have become the queen of complaints. If my feet aren't swollen or my back isn't aching then it must be the reflux, heartburn or insomnia. Poor Nick has become accustomed to the list of niggles and can usually tell by my tone of whinge what the matter is. Although, it isn't all bad. And I have a wonderfully supportive partner to remind me this each and everyday. He reminds me of the huge challenge my body is undertaking and never lets me forget the importance of my job; being a mother and raising a toddler.

Last night, after a routine visit with the midwives we found that my blood pressure has risen slightly. Which would explain perfectly the intense headache and dizziness the last few days has brought with it. Urine tests confirmed that there are traces of protein, so we are currently on 'pre-eclampsia watch'. Nothing too alarming, just time to really try to relax and monitor what my body is telling me and being a little more aware of a headache or suddenly swollen hands.

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Our baby's movements have become our nightly entertainment. She turns and moves with enough strength to jolt my hand from my stomach! I have become so aware of her sleep and awake patterns that I can predict the times she is ready to start a break-dancing session and count down to the hour in which she regularly gets the hiccups.
I have only a few things in my mental to-do list before we are graced with this baby's presence, mostly they revolve around intensely cleaning the house and soaking up any 'child free' time I may get. Nick and I have jokingly created a 'pre-family-of-four' bucket list and try to tick things off that we may not get the opportunity to do again for a long while. Watch an entire movie, dine out, jump in the car and go to the supermarket without packing a bag...the simple pleasure we will soon hang up for the time being.

May the next 4 weeks hurry along at the speed of light! I am so very ready to hold our baby and to no longer be struggling with the challenges of pregnancy. Although I am totally impatient, I am also jiggling with excitement at the realisation that it is only that... Only 4 weeks. And then we will be a family of four!

I am looking forward to sharing with you the very last leg of the baby race and a birth story of course!
Plenty of love, 
winterlove blog natalie
P.S. How amazing are our maternity shoot photos? These are a little sneakpeak, as we are yet to choose our final images. Tanya from TK's photography did such an amazing job, we are so very happy with them!


  1. You are looking amazing!! Don't be so hard on yourself, you'll have plenty of time to create once baby arrives :)xx

  2. Oh I love your photos, they are so beautiful Natalie!
    I am jealous that you will get to keep those forever, I have 13 weeks left and I can relate to this post now..... not great for things to come when I am only going to get bigger!!!
    At my midwife appointment today I only measured 26cm! I am hoping the baby was in a snug position!!

    You have done so well to be as organised as you are with a toddler and a pregnancy - a real inspiration to me xxx

  3. The photos are beautiful and you look amazing! Just take each day as it comes xxx