Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stella Winter; 23 Months Old.

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23 months old. Little Stella, you have every one in giggles! A sense of humour has always been a sweet trait of yours, and lately it has grown and developed into something much more. Your need for laughter, little tricks and funny games defines you, and what a wonderful characteristic it is!

You sometimes mix every ones names up, referring to yourself as Dad and to me as Stella, it produces a fit of giggly goodness every single time. Your favourite game by far.

You love to include your mama in each day to day task, and really are the most generous girl. "Mama have some too?" comes with every snack, meal and drink. "Mama too?" is a phrase you use a lot, never wanting me to miss out on the fun. "Mama read books too? Mama make a tower too? Mama have a bath too?". I adore that although your growing independence means you don't need me as much as you used to, you still want me. I know this wont last forever, so I am truly enjoying these moments of being invited to play, cuddle and adventure alongside you.

Wednesdays have become a day you look forward to with such excitement. If I dare mention the word "Childcare" before Wednesday morning you are up and grabbing your bag, headed for the door. The lovely ladies at the centre seem to adore you, and on a few occasions I have caught sight of you showering them with cuddles and kisses. Perhaps your excitement for the childcare day is heightened by the whispers little birds have been airing, about a boy named Fergus. Could it be toddler love? You take fergus' hand everywhere you go, apparently you two are inseparable!

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The innocent and pure friendships you hold with others your age is a beautiful thing to watch. You ask for Evie, Lachie and Emerson and talk about them with bright eyes. So trusting, forgiving and accepting...I hope these qualities remain with you and your friendships as you age.

I find myself glowing in pride for you and the little being you are, more and more each day. You surprise me with you knowledge and wisdom. Your untainted happiness and optimism is inspiring.

You don't know it, but my favourite way to connect with you is to lift you out of your bed, sleeping deeply and carry you to my own. Laying with you in my arms and listening to your calm breaths and sighs. Sometimes in your sleepy daze you'll flutter your eyes open and lift your arm to rub mine as if to say "Just go to sleep mama."

Only three weeks until you become a big sister my sweet girl. I know a new set of challenges awaits us, but I am confident we can work through it together. You'll always hold a very special place in my heart, no matter how many more siblings there are to come, I promise your space will still be there. There will always be room.

Plenty of love, 
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  1. SO sweet! Your lady is very close in age to my son. My son who came home from church the other night chattering about some girl named Emily, and has learned to say, "please" and "thank you". Ahhhh, what a tender age!