Saturday, June 16, 2012

A cute {as a button} DIY

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Description of Photo
Buttons are the sweetest. I seem to subconsciously collect buttons in co-ordinated colours and bundle them into little jars and pile them onto display plates around the house. I didn't even realise I had a button obsession until Stella started to point out all the buttons around our house!

With my nesting in full swing and more creative juices flowing than ever before I thought I would try my hand at DIY jewellery. I sourced some earring backs and ring bases online, and began dreaming of  cute little buttons. But, rather than using buttons I already had...I wanted to make my own. So, welcome onto the DIY scene; clay!

The clay I used I found at Spotlight, and the process really was a cinch. I softened and rolled the clay onto a cutting board and then cut out small circles using a piping nozzle (I get extra points for being resourceful yes?) Then it was just a matter of punching teeny tiny holes into the circles using the flat end of a skewer so they became sweet little button shapes!

Once baked, I glued them onto the jewellery bases. And in a few hours; I had dozens of handmade button rings and earrings!  I am so excited to give them to my friends and family as little gifts and surprisingly I am still yet to have the chance to wear a pair myself!

This DIY is a fantastic idea leading up to Christmas or a month where the birthdays seem to just be rolling in. For a small price and a little time, you have very affordable and one of a kind gifts. Giving handmade really does mean so much more!

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What have you been crafting lately? Have you ever tried to make your own jewellery? I am thinking of perhaps doing another batch of these sweet little buttons and may have a few left over that need homes...So keep your eyes bright and your ears tuned!
Plenty of love, 
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