Monday, June 18, 2012

Get unplugged.

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Switching off is something that my brain doesn't seem to have the skills for. It understands the concept, and it sure as hell tries... but it just cannot master the art. My body may be, but my brain is never idle. There are forever creative ideas and dreams floating around or lists and aspirations darting back and forth, I feel as though I am forever plugged in and unable to quieten the noise even if just for a little while.

"Imagine if there was no google..." I said to Nick before closing my eyes one night. "...We'd have to figure life out for ourselves". Hardly the insight of a genius, but an insight nonetheless. Sometimes I think that is just what the world needs, a global rest from the ever-ready and forever over-stimulating world of advanced modern technology. I know that at times, despite my defiance, that is what I need.

For quite some time, switching off and unplugging has been on my to-do list. Incredibly ironic, as this to-do list is one of eight stored on my phone. Perhaps I am procrastinating... Ok, so I am definitely procrastinating. I am so addicted to this high intensity way of  thinking and being that I am dreading the process of not only turning off my thoughts, but turning off my fuel for inspiration.

 But start somewhere I must, and the most logical step to take is not at the beginning, but at the end. The end of the day, when relaxation and a restful mind is needed. This is also the time of day I find myself planning posts, replying to e-mails and reading parenting articles... So a big re-shuffle of time management will need to take place.

For two nights of every week, I pledge to switch off literally and metaphorically for an hour before sleeping.  To practice the art of doing and thinking nothing...pure thoughts of white nothingness. I'm unsure how achievable this really is, but I need to give it a go.

Are there times when you feel drained by your inability to switch off? Or perhaps your lifestyle and deadlines don't allow you that time to have a free mind? Why not take the challenge and get unplugged with me!

Plenty of love, 
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  1. I completely agree with this!! I think its something I should definitely plan and aim to do. Perhaps with a facial or paint my nails - things I don't think I will have the luxury of time for soon!
    Hope you are doing great!