Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lights of the season.

I'm the Queen of better late than never, so it would really be fitting of me to post about our pre-Christmas light adventure in January, would it not?

We bundled Stella up in PJ's and blankets and took my favourite fellow mama Ali along for the ride. This was another first for Stella, Christmas season always seems to be full of 'firsts'. Seeing Stellas face light up with pure joy gave me a little lump in my throat, these memories we are creating are going to be the highlights of her childhood, things she may look back on and smile about. Things she may want to one day share with her own children.

Some of the houses we admired had interactive adventures for the young and young at heart, including Santa and lollies. We managed to tour our small city and stay bright eyed until 11pm, before tucking the little elf into bed. This is a family tradition I'd like to continue for as many years as we are able, no matter how many children are sleeping in the car seats or chattering from the backseat.

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  1. We like to see the lights each year too but they were few and far between down south this year. It is usually a magical atmosphere.