Thursday, January 12, 2012

The body of a mother.

With the weather being a lot warmer, we have been swimming quite regularly. Stella has a red and white polka-dot bathing suit that is to-die-for adorable and has developed a distinct love of the pool. She shows no fear (much to her mothers fear) of splashing about and navigating the shallow children's pool until her tippytoes are stretched and she can no longer touch the bottom...she is overly confident and uber excited about it. Over-confident toddlers call for alert and also bathing suit clad mothers.
This makes me incredibly nervous. Nervous about flaunting pale skin that I have never been entirely happy or comfortable with, nervous about flaunting that awkward 'not quite a baby bump, more a bloated post Christmas stomach'. Nervous about flaunting hips and thighs that clearly show the signs of motherhood; the dreaded stretchmarks.

However, this story was soon to change.

Upon arriving at the pool, I saw children screaming with laughter and mothers smiling with approval. The most significant sight my eyes noted, was the amount of mama bodies on show. There were older mothers, younger mothers, mothers of babies, mothers of four children, mothers of grown boys. All these mothers had no body shame. They splashed without sucking tummies in or adjusting board shorts. Their bodies were just that, bodies. Vessels of life. And they were all truly beautiful. Why, when your body has not only carried you through life but harboured, nurtured and cared for another (perhaps numerous) lives would you bat an eyelid at a pretty purple stretchmark?

Being a 'younger' mother I do at times feel pressure to look like my non-parent, supermodel-esque friends. But then I have light bulb moments like this one at the local pool; We are mothers. Our bodies should be congratulated and honoured. I am learning to love the extra 10 kilos I now permanently carry since my highschool years, I look at my hips and remember my incredible journey through pregnancy not only once, but now twice. I thank my body for growing my children and appreciate what incredible achievements it has enabled me.

The body of a mother is the vessel of a life, something to celebrate. Congratulate and appreciate it for you are beautiful. 

Plenty of love...

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  1. It is really hard to be yourself and appreciate your body with the outside pressure that is thrust upon us. Well done for loving your body and what it has done. Great cossie btw.