Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Care to share?

This weeks smile inducers...

* An honest confession from a super lovely blogging lady. Sometimes being pregnant isn't enjoyable and beautiful, sometimes you just feel blah.

* "To live an authentic existence..." This is a beautifully written post about not setting goals and resolutions, but rather living a life that strives towards being the best you can be. Of all the 2012 resolutions of the blogging world I have read, this one is my favourite.

* This. Is. Hilarious. A friend of mine shared it on my Facebook and it really made me giggle. Porn for Pregnant Ladies.

* How did you announce your pregnancy? Rather than a traditional "I'm pregnant", these are some quirky, creative ways of announcing your pregnancy to the world. 

* I love children's parties and have a soft spot for event planning. This website is my ultimate favourite; Theme My Party is an event planning organisation specialising in sweet children's parties. I need more children so I can have more parties! (I did not just say that)

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