Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stella Winter; 18 months old.

The age of new found Independence and the age of tantrums. Quite possibly the age of humour too! Stella is now 18 months old and in her second year of life.

The past month has bought about incredible change and we are definitely now in full blown 'toddlerhood'. Stella is no longer a baby but a fast-paced, inquisitive, forever busy, constantly changing little girl. I am enjoying this age more than I initially anticipated, I love her quirky sense of humour and her sly 'have it my way' ways. Her personality shines through brightly in every little daily activity, she has distinct likes and dislikes and can certainly vocalise them well!

Our mornings consist of self fed breakfast at the breakfast bar, she loves Weetbix. Devours it in seconds every single time! Mess is far less intense than it was a few months back, and she is slowly learning that when she is finished the bowl doesn't need to be dramatically thrown to the floor or splattered to the walls. A cute and clear "All gone" pipes out sometimes followed by demands for more "aaaapppple".

"Apple" and "Bubble" take the crown for being the cutest damn words that come out of Stellas mouth. Both the P and B are emphasised and the vowels drawn out. Apples and bubbles are favourites in this household, if Stella could eat apples and blow bubbles all day long she would be one content girl.

Her vocabulary has increased tenfold. She will have a try at saying any word that she hears, some are far clearer than others and some are far more inappropriate than others ("faaart", for example). Nick and I often talk around the house in code, using the classic 'spell it out' method.
"What time would you like d-i-n-n-e-r sweetheart?" or "Just popping to the supermarket, we are out of M-i-l-k". This is all well and good until she starts to recognise the letters involved in her favourite words, and believe me this is not far off! I have noticed that toddlers are far more alert, cluey and intelligent than we give them credit for.

Her vocabulary now includes attempts at sentences and phrases. Albeit jumbled and shortened but adorable all the same. "Need to do a weeee!", "Go in the car?" "Have a bickie ma?". That would have to be my ultimate weakness, I just die with cuteness overload when she speaks with such determination. I think the day she answers the question "are you ready for bed?", with "no thankyou mum!" I will relent and let her stay up to all hours!

Stella loves the pool, she loves animals, she loves showers, she loves being outdoors and loves any toys with wheels. She dislikes the pram, dislikes socks and hats, and dislikes with a passion having her face washed. She is tall for her age and has the biggest foot of an 18 month old I know! She has a talent for rhythm and song, pumping out a tune whenever the chance arises.

I find myself becoming more (if this is possible) proud of her as the days go by. I often watch her from behind when she sits on the floor and draws in her scrapbook, I look at the length of her hair, the size of her hands and the character she exudes and just breathe it in with awe. That tiny 6 pound something baby that I held 18 long months ago is now an independent and absorbent little being. I didn't think it possible, bit I love her more and more with each passing minute.

Toddlerhood is challenging yet comfortable at the same time, I have reached a stage with my parenting in which I feel confident and controlled. I feel as though I can relax a little more, enjoy a little more and experience a little more. I am looking to the future with nothing but enthusiasm for my growing daughter. I wonder what the next 18 months will bring my sweet Stella?

plenty of love...

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