Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Resolutions to keep, resolutions to break.

I specifically didnt set any New Years Resolutions on New Years eve, or New Years day. Actually, I didnt set any at all for the first two weeks of the new year! I didnt want to set unrealistic goals for myself that may create unnecessary guilt, pressure or stress. Infact, the only resolution I briefly thought of was not to have resolutions. Well, that resolution was one to break. Because here I am...well...making resolutions. *Sigh*

I have had some time to reflect whilst doing a spot of housework today and realised that there are infact a few things I would like to change, improve and eliminate in this new year. All in different aspects of my life, all to different degrees of difficulty, priority and challenge. I thought I would share with you my list of resolutions to keep. 

I recently went through a brief period of complete deflation. I felt totally uninspired and not challened creatively. I felt very down about my achievements surrounding my passion; writing about parenting, crafting and creating and maintaining this blog. In fact I very nearly gave up Winter Love entirely. I dont know where I pulled the inner strength to continue on or how I managed to find some inspiration, but I am very happy that I did. This year I want to stay inspired by reading the works of others more regularly, jotting down fleeting thoughts more often and keeping a clear vision of the goals I want to achieve with passion.

When things are feeling busy, hectic and I start to feel rushed and stressed...I am going to breathe. Sounds simple but it really is something I need to work on. Don't necessarily stop what you are doing or slow down but just breathe properly. Slowly and thoughtfully, calmly and controlled.

I never understood the phrase "Are you a feeder?" in parenting until now, because now I have become a feeder. I seem to get some kind of satisfaction from feeding my child, which I am sure all parents do to some degree. But it can get a little out of control. If Stella has been a really good girl, I will feed her something indulgent. When she is sad or upset, I will feed her something comforting. When she does something clever and new, I will feed her something celebratory. See what I mean? Out of hand. Tomorrow I am going to the newsagency and bulk buying some shiney stickers. I am going to stop being am emotional feeder!

Nick does a LOT around the house to help me out, sometimes he does things so often and quietly that I forget to really say Thankyou. A well meant, from the heart, thankyou.

This is something I didnt do with my first pregnancy. I had every intention but just didn't end up doing them, at all. This lead to slight discomfort after Stellas birth and that dreaded "Oh my god I'm going to wet my pants" feeling when I walked or coughed. Over time, this improved almost back to a normal state but since becoming pregnant again, I can feel the weakness re-occuring. Instead of saying "I should", "I will", "I need"...I am saying to my self daily I AM practicing my pelvic floors today, and tomorrow and you know what? I did it yesterday as well!  

And they are my 5 resolutions to keep. Achievable, managable and totally un-breakable!
What resolutions did you make this year? Have you broken any? re evaluated any? If you have blogged about your new years resolutions, feel free to leave a link so I can read them for myself.

...Plenty of love...

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