Monday, January 23, 2012

P is for...

P is for Pregnancy and Pinterest.

Pregnancy insomnia is in full force at the moment. I am unable to fall asleep before midnight, only to be awake again at 2am for a few hours. Considering there is no baby here yet needing to be fed at these hours, they are becoming unproductive and frustrating. I was lucky enough to sleep quite well during my pregnancy with Stella until the very last two months, I was also super lucky to be on maternity leave and be to able to spend my afternoons napping freely. I know this is my body's way of training me for the late night and early morning feeds that are to come, and I feel as though this time around I will be much better prepared. I can cope a little better with lack of sleep and interrupted sleep, I am just wishing the time along so that when my body calls to wake up, its to hold and feed a tiny newborn and sneak a kiss from a toddler, not to wander around the house like a lost puppy.

Which brings me to... What have I been doing at one and two in the morning? Exploring Pinterest mostly! It's a lovely, inspiring, mindless task that can be done no matter how tired I feel. And, it is becoming slightly addictive. I found myself in a slumpy, grumpy mood this afternoon and dreamt of hiding away in a room somewhere with Pinterest. It's a hormonal, pregnant, tired mamas best friend.

Did you experience any pregnancy insomnia? What did you do with all that sleepless time?
Do share all your pregnancy woes with me!

Plenty of love...

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  1. Pinterest is SO addictive! When i was up (almost) all night whilst pregnant, i played hours upon hours of Rollercoaster Tycoon 3. I was a rollercoaster-theme-park-making addict haha :)