Thursday, December 29, 2011

Baby, me and a bug.

Yesterday morning I woke feeling queasy and unsettled in the stomach, yet put it down to a re-appearance of the morning sickness I have been experiencing for the last two months with this pregnancy. I attempted breakfast and rushed off to work, only to be met by more grumbles, gurgles, cramps and nausea. I lasted 3 hours at work before coming home and well to put it as pleasantly as possible...being very ill and bringing up all that I had tried to eat.

Luckily for me, not being a single mother any longer, I was able to spend the next 4-5 hours sleeping off my nausea whilst Nick and Stella played with blocks and drew crayon pictures. I can't imagine what I would have done if I was single and working, trying to juggle motherhood with working then throwing in the odd unexpected sickness. After plenty of sleep and very little food I am still feeling quite queasy but thank goodness the vomiting has stopped. I've come to the conclusion that baby#2 and I have caught a 24hr bug, but we'll push through it!

It's times like these (gruesome and unpleasant as they may be) that I think to the strength we parents possess on a daily basis. Day and and day out, we are caring for not only ourselves but for another, smaller human being. Sometimes even two, or three. We wipe little faces after bellies are full, scoff down some food quickly for ourselves then sing songs whilst changing nappies and clothes. After having experienced a year of single parenting, I cannot express how grateful I am to now have an extra pair of hands. The strength we possess as two parents rather than one on a daily basis is not doubled, but multiplied by the million. I now have a chance to catch up on lost sleep, spend an extra five minutes fixing my hair and even resort to an afternoon in bed when having come down with a bug.

Baby#2 and I are now sipping on hot soup and sucking on lemonade icy poles, I think we'll be feeling much better soon and we owe much of our thanks to Mr K.  
Partnered parenting is truly a blessing! 

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