Thursday, December 15, 2011

I scream, you scream, we all scream for...

Stellas first ice cream. Watching her eat it was better than eating it myself. She held it like a seasoned ice-cream eater and gave herself a white creamy moustache. Although she didn't last long eating it, I think that perhaps, maybe, possibly... she enjoyed it. Just a little!

One of the many things I swore upon before giving birth to my child, was that he/she would only eat natural and organic food. I told myself that I would avoid giving processed food or food with additives and preservatives at all cost. In my head I seemed to have this vision of a perfectly well behaved child sitting at a table eating greens without even a hint of mess. This, was one of the many things that I like to call "Pre-baby delusion".

When reality started to become, well, real...many things changed. Not only was my child messy and fussy but I also found my own opinions and ideals changed. I went from being over-controlling and naive to being realistic and relaxed. Needless to say, my child does have the occasional sweet-treat or quick fix. But, as long as she is healthy and more often than not eating home cooked, preservative free, natural and fulfilling meals, then I too am happy. I'll let you in on a little secret... If you look in my handbag and find her lunchbox during a day out shopping and running errands, you will usually find some store bought crackers and a pre-packaged jar of Heinz fruit puree.

I don't think its a matter of lowering our standards as parents, but more about learning as we go along. Our ideals may change slightly, but our morals and values usually remain stable.

So after a going off on a very long tangent, my conclusion is; let them eat ice-cream. And let them smile whilst you eat one too!

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  1. It is funny looking back on some of the ideas we had pre-parenthood. Sometimes it's easier to relax and go with the flow.