Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A word from the MIL.

I received these beautiful words folded into an envelope last week and have been waiting and waiting to share it with you. The power of family and the love and support that can result is a very valuable thing. Something I vow to appreciate forever.

The gift of family

"Call me old fashioned, but I do believe in 'the love of a lifetime', 'eternity' and 'one and only'.  I do because I live it. 

Perhaps I should introduce myself, I am the soon to be mother-in-law. Winter Loves MIL. However, I like to think of myself more as the Mum, the Grandma, the Confidant, the bubbachino maker and the "old girl" (At 48, I need to work on this one). 

Really, all I want for my children and their partners is to experience what I have been fortunate enough to experience for myself when it comes to the 'The gift of family'. You see, I live with the love of my life, Garry, and I am so very proud of the offspring and all that has come along since their arrival during the 80's. (tears in eyes). 

Most recently we observed Nick find that special someone and very quickly realised that this was the real deal and another happily ever after was looming. Although our time has been brief in the world of Nick and Nat, it has been warm and familiar...comforting really. Like the moments when you arrive home after holidays to see your pets or the family trinkets of your life right there, safely where you left them. Easy and relaxing like a good read of the newspapers on a Sunday morning. 

So imagine our reaction when they nervously, timidly, informed us after only three months together that our next grandchild was alive and kicking in Nats tiny belly. Shock? Dismay? trepidation? Actually it was quite the opposite. It was more a feeling of calm which settled over us, that Nick, with an action packed past, had found Nat, with an action packed past and together inadvertently they created a life together, while planning their life together. 

It sounds simple to me, but I have quickly realised that Gen Y have quite 'oldy worldy' opinions on such things. Hilarious really as I had always been led to believe that we baby boomers were the old fashioned generation. 

So, I explain it to others who look at me with eyes that say "Oh my god, are you serious?" quite simply like this; When a loved one dies; Your Mum, your Dad, a grandparent, sibling, close friend, as has been my unfortunate experience in life, a little light that keeps your soul ignited and warm dies right along with them. You are still the person you always have been but unexplainably different. When a grandchild comes along, as has also been my experience, a little light flickers and reignites inside bringing a joy and warmth that I can honestly say takes your breath away (tears in eyes, again). 

Nick and Nat are not only blessing this earth with a beautiful child, but they are now also responsible for another flicker of light warming my soul. And that is a beautiful gift, the gift of family."

With love, Mumma.


  1. WOW (tears in eyes) I so want a MIL like yours!!!

  2. Your MIL is awesome! beautiful letter, so happy for you. Grandma should start blogging. Thanks for sharing xox

  3. Wow- what a wonderful, beautiful person you have in your lives! xx

  4. I hope your good luck continues in 2012. You are finally being surrounded by the lovely people you deserve.