Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gift guide for little musicians.

Stella has become more and more intrigued with music. She will move and groove to any kind of tune that plays and strums Nicks guitar whilst singing a little tune. She really does have ryhthm! More recently we have started getting out the big keyboard for her to accompany Mr K on the keys. We can spend a whole afternoon playing the instruments, singing songs and having a dance. Its one of my favourite things to do as a family and I just adore seeing my little musical bunny enjoy herself so.

I've put together a quick gift guide for little musicians you may know this Christmas and in the process had some ideas for Stella myself.


* Jingle feet by Robot Holidays

*  Natural wooden zylophone by smiling tree toys.


*  Antique wooden childrens grand piano from Simply Chi.

*  Lullaby renditions of Christmas rock classics by Rockabye Baby

 * Musical Baby App for iPhone.

 * Baby's musical hands App for iPad.

Happy musical Christmas days! 

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