Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another year older

Apparently it was my birthday last week. If it wasn't for the efficiency of Facebook for reminding me of such things, I would not have remembered. Being so busy and pre-occupied with the life of being a mother, a partner and a worker...this year seemed to just roll around unexpectedly.

However, my Fiance Nick, made my day incredibly special from start to finish. It began with a sleep in and a cooked pancake breakfast special. I even woke to find a pretty doily birthday wish on the wall (doily announcements on the walls are becoming quite the tradition in this household!) We had lunch with my soon-to-be-in-laws and I was showered with lovely gifts. Then it was ice cream out of town and a relaxed family afternoon at home.

 These are some of the totally sweet gifts I recieved, along with an updated wardrobe and a long overdue trip to the hair salon. I am ever so lucky to have this little family bringing happiness into my life each and every day, that is my real gift. The gift of love and family.

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