Thursday, December 22, 2011

Born for Boon.

Its no secret I love Boon! I've posted about my love for Boon here before, but haven't purchased anything else for quite some time. This week however, I am in love with my mail man.

I ordered some babylicious new Boon plates and bowls in an effort to break Stella's current food strike. What toddler wouldn't want to eat out of gorgeous colour combinations like 'grape and kiwi', 'cherry and berry' and 'raspberry and tangerine'. Not to mention they are BPA free, dishwasher safe and throw and drop proof. And they arrived this morning! It's easy to see why I get so excited about some baby gear.

So far our Boon collection included the suction catch bowl, the snack ball and the squirt spoons. But, we lacked anything suitable for an older toddler. So now we are the proud owners of the saucer plates and the interlocking plate and bowl set. I test-drove them tonight and low and behold... the food was eaten!

Not only is it exciting for Stella to eat from colourful and practical feeding gear, but its exciting for me to fill them up with colourful food!

And whats very dangerous? That I have just discovered a new range available in Boon. Oh look out mail man!

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