Monday, December 19, 2011

Happiness to the Eye

I snapped these photos a while ago and have been meaning to share them for quite some time. It really is the little things that bring happiness to the eye around my home. Something as simple as a brightly coloured rose just blooming or some pretty new thrifted silverware,crystal and glass.

I like to use simple and vibrant colours around our home along with plenty of black and white. Anything that reflects light such as mirrors, silver and glass seems to brighten everything and allow the sun to dance in all directions.

Interior designers have long known that room decoration affects mood. What pretty things do you surround yourself with to induce a state of calm and happiness? Is it a certain smell you like to burn? A lamp you like to have lit? Or a colour you have in abundance? The psychological effect of  your home decor truly is amazing. Who would have thought that adding a colour or moving a vase could actually improve your mood!

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