Monday, March 5, 2012

Mama said, there'd be days like this.

I try to keep my posts documenting life in an honest and balanced form. I don't like to sugar coat things and will often write about the less than pleasant parts of parenting, I also don't like to be a Negative Nancy and will often write about the happy hours and days in the life of this mama.

But, as the lyric goes. Mama said, there'd be days like this. Days like the last two. The past 48 hours has included two of the above extremes; a totally drab day and a totally fab day. Drab-fabulous to say the least.

Yesterday I woke up with a short fuse, probably around the exact same minute that Stella woke up; on the wrong side of the cot. Together we grumpily got up and started the day on the wrong foot. I reached for the sugar laden breakfast to pick me up, and Stella reached for the peanut butter toast I'd made throw at my head. Yesterday was not a day to get dressed, so we didn't. It wasn't a day to clean up, so we didn't. We remained inside playing with toys, cutting out paper snowflakes and lazing around with pyjama pants on. The kettle was boiled for a cup of tea a few too many times and the kids channel on TV was on for a few too many hours. When the mess started to frustrate me, we ran a bath and hid out amongst the bubbles together for... a few too many hours. It was a day of avoidance and indulgence, and the evidence of my negligence was clear! (try saying that five times over!)

Today, I woke up not knowing what side of the bed I'd risen from. It turns out, the day had decided for us. It was definitely the right side. We were up, dressed and ready to leave the house before 8am to run errands. We called via the park and visited some ducks, then browsed through the mall ticking things off our list. Stella even sat down to spend ten minutes drawing so I could eat some very late breakfast and we managed to catch the bus home without tears or screeches of boredom and protest. My cheeky, sometimes devilish, darling daughter had been overtaken with a sense of calm, co-operative serenity. I am still reeling with pride and disbelief.

The last 48 hours has proven right a little saying I like to tell myself when things get drab or difficult. "Each and everyday is different", I try to repeat inside my head, "Everyday is a new day". It couldn't be more true. 48 hours and two total opposite days, two extremes of mood and emotions and two very different degrees of enjoyable and productive.

I like to think that I embraced them both.
As the lyric goes; Mama said, there'd be days like this.

Plenty of love,

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