Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby Gear Wishlist; the perfect feeding basket

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One of the things I didn't have during my first few weeks of being a feeding zombie with Stella, was a feeding basket. A pretty little way to store and carry around everything I may need at feed time. With feeding time also being toddler time once baby #2 is born, I will need to have everything at hand, easy to grab and ready to go; Breast pads, remote control, tissues, book, baby wipes, chocolate, a hand held mirror for unexpected knocks at the door and many, many more multi-purpose-time-saving goodies.

So to start off with, I have been trawling the shops, markets and Internet for that perfect feeding basket. I want something small and compact as well as mandatorily pretty and sweet. These are some of my favourites I have stumbled upon, although I am yet to make a decision (one of lifes hardest I'm sure!)

1. A sweet print and strong fabric. Fabric storage basket by Yk Bags. 

2. Compartments for added organisation. Komplement storage by Ikea 
3. This one would fit perfectly with our loungeroom decor, unfortunately I have no idea where to source it from! Any suggestions?

4. I love the look of this classic style. Hand woven storage basket by Tene Basket

5. Organisation and style, it looks like a winner! Fabric diaper caddy by Hip Baby Boutique

Did you have a feeding basket to help you through the newborn weeks? What did you have in your little supply? Did you find it useful? Filling the basket will be next on the list!

Plenty of love, 

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