Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Weird and Wonderful

Forget the bold and the beautiful, pregnancy is a tale of The weird and the wonderful!

Pregnancy does strange, strange things to you, and lately I have been a testimony for that truth. It is widely known that I am not skilled in the kitchen and other than to clean it meticulously I avoid that area of the house entirely. I have never had much patience or motivation to create meals and follow recipes, I am just not 'kitchen orientated'. However, pregnancy does weird and wonderful things.

During my first pregnancy I one day found myself in the kitchen baking banana muffins from scratch, it only happened once, but it was scary all the same. This pregnancy, I found myself strangely browsing the baking isles of supermarkets and homeware stores. Before I even realised what was happening I had accumulated a supply of ingredients, bakeware and cake decorating tools, which brings me to now...

I am baking once a week! (Yes, I did say...pregnancy is the tale of the weird and wonderful). I find myself enjoying these baking sessions so very much and I am even dreaming of whats beyond the standard cupcake! I am currently on the look out for a really basic and inspiring cake decorating book and can't help but return to that bakeware section of the store.

Are there any strange habits you developed during pregnancy? perhaps some little nesting quirks that surprised you?

Plenty of love, 

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