Thursday, March 15, 2012

Today I...

Winter Love

Today I...

* Struggled to wake at 6:00am when Stella started her day
* Am wishing that I could break my addiction to sugar
* Got a slight tan on my shoulders from the fifteen minutes I spent in the sunshine
* Baked heart shaped scones
* Ate heart shaped scones (they were pretty damn good!)
* Am anticipating the arrival of Easter!
* Started to search for Easter craft and cooking ideas online
* Vowed not to nap when Stella did...successfully
* Vacuumed toddler crumbs from the floor four times
* Felt frustrated by my body image
* Watched Stella giggle (numerous times). This never gets old
* Talked about buying a slow cooker with Nick
* Pinned some pretty Wedding Inspiration ideas to Pinterest
* Daydreamed about a new hairstyle
* Found chalk, playdough and flour under my fingernails
* Kissed my daughter 8 times before bed
* Cursed my posture whilst doing some sewing
* Sat in silence cuddled up with my Fiance

This post is inspired by one of my favourite reads; Bleubird Vintage. What small treasures did your day hold? Any you are willing to share?
Plenty of love, 


  1. Slow cookers are the best, everything is so juicy and tender. Plus, you just do a tiny bit of prep and you're doneskies.
    The only treasure my day held was leaving work after a hellish week :S
    Hope you have a fab weekend

  2. those scones are sooo cute! i cooked a tasty pot roast today!